What is An Urn?

An urn is a vase with or without a cover. It features a narrow neck, above a round body, and a footed pedestal. The term urn relates to the funeral as a vessel used during burials to hold the ashes.

In other contexts, the urns are large vessels to serve coffee or tea. They feature functional design. The thumb rule to get an urn is to consider the weight of a person. A person weighing 150 lbs requires an urn of 150cubic inches or larger.

What is the use of urns?

Cremation urns are a way of memorializing their loved ones. The cremation urn safeguards the cremated remains and reflects the deceased person’s personality. Cremation urns are available in man-made and natural materials. They are inexpensive and simple, or costly and intricate. 

Selecting a cremation urn requires you to consider the final placement of the urns. If it is at home, look for something decorative, it makes sense. However, to bury in a cemetery, look for a durable urn to work nicely. The presence of the urns at the memorial service will have an impact on the selection.

How to transfer to an urn the ashes?

  • Remove the locking pin in wood that secures the lid
  • Remove the lid
  • Pour the ashes into the urn or place it in a biodegradable bag or plastic and place it in the urn directly
  • Place back the lid, and insert the locking wood pin.

Purchasing an urn or providing one ahead of time confirms the crematory operator will put the ashes in the urn for you. The urn remains are inside the plastic bag, and a liner seals the remains. Thus, a larger portion is in the urns at home, while the remaining is scattered at a location.

The surviving relatives have the right to the ashes custody. Most cremation urns require a sealant, but you can use a small wood glue bed, caulk, or other adhesives around the urn edges.

Types of cremation urns

There are different types of cremation urns in varying price ranges. They are:

Metal Urns

They are machine-crafted alloy metals such as copper, steel, pewter, sheet bronze, and brass. A variety of techniques are used for finishing such as polishing, plating, lacquering, and brushing. The metal urns are ideal for home and burial placement, as they are durable.

Bronze Urns

It is manufactured using sand, lost wax, or standard casting, besides bronze sheet molding. Bronze is durable as it is an alloy of tin or zinc and copper. Many create memorial urns in bronze for a cemetery or home display.

Quarried Urns

It is from natural stone materials such as onyx, quartz, marble, granite, fossil stone, and alabaster.  The quarried urns are not similar but have the intricacy of shapes playing a vital role in the cost factor. It is useful for home and burial placement.

There are wood urns, glass & ceramic urns, and also biodegradable and Earth-friendly urns.

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