Repatriation Services

Repatriation of The Deceased Body

A death occurring overseas involves repatriation services. It is the transporting process of a deceased person from one country to another. If a person dies abroad, it is not less than a nightmare to bring home the funeral. It is a tough time to understand where to start, what to do, and who to approach?

Transporting a deceased body or the deceased’s remains is a lot of confusion. People dying abroad in foreign countries may wish to be buried in their home country. If so, seeking repatriation services is the best source of help. Arranging repatriation is daunting. However, on hiring the services, they do all the essential work and complete the process.

The guidelines of different countries vary, and it can slightly modify with the place you are. Thus, it needs you to check the repatriation provider to know the steps to transport the dead body.  Here is a procedure you must follow to avail the transportation of the deceased body.

Repatriating the body

If you are going through a package holiday with some people, and suddenly one of them passes away, the travel company representative will help to sort it out. If someone passes away abroad, there is a need to inform the embassy. One needs to register the death and to inform the local authorities. Ensure you have all the documents ready to transport the deceased body.

Why hire repatriation services?

The body repatriation process involves obtaining, completing, presenting the set of documents to proper authorities, and transporting the deceased body or remains to another country. However, if you are under severe stress, contact a few repatriation providers and choose one. Hiring a company ensures they offer repatriation services and take care of the process of repatriation. The deceased person’s embalming is a standard procedure to repatriate after death by plane.

Embalming is a way of preserving and forestalling decomposition using chemicals. Thus, it is a way of preserving human remains.

Check with the repatriation services that can be expensive. However, there is paperwork to complete as a part of the body repatriation. It is handled by the repatriation services offering company.

The documents required are:

  • Death certificates original copies from the local authority.
  • Belongings of the deceased with his/her passport.
  • Traveling and burial permissions.
  • Embalming certificate.
  • Health Department letter stating non-contagious disease certificate.
  • No requirement of embassy inspections
  • No restriction casket.

A notarized letter for the deceased care from the responsible funeral home stating details such as:

  • The casket has the identified remains
  • The casket is sealed hermetically with a zinc-lined shipping container
  • The airline shipment itinerary, receiver’s address, name, and telephone number.

In case of homicide death, a permission letter from the Police Department is a must.  However, with the repatriation of the deceased body, a funeral service is arranged. It takes 5-15 working days to repatriate a body from one country to another. The repatriation is possible only on receiving the authorization letter from the local authorities to release the deceased. 

The repatriation process is time-consuming. Besides, the emotional burden, handling the repatriation process is challenging. It is better to turn to someone seeking repatriation services. 



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