Obituary Placement

Obituary Placement In Singapore

Obituary placement in a newspaper gives a brief of the deceased person’s life. It also has some information and details regarding the upcoming funeral services. Such as the funeral venue and the cremation details. However, any obituary typically includes:

  • The deceased’s full name ( nickname, maiden name, or any other well-known name)
  • Death cause and when he or she died.
  • Location and date of birth, marriage, and death.
  • Attended schools
  • Military service ( if necessary and applicable)
  • Employment place and position held ( the last or current employer)
  • Special interests and hobbies
  • Membership in organizations
  • Name of wife, husband, or any other significance
  • Special friends, family members leaving behind, children, great-grandchildren, grandchildren, siblings, nephews, nieces, parents, etc.
  • Funeral information or announcements about the upcoming memorial or funeral services.
  • Details to make donations or to send flowers.

The death notice or obituary placement may be submitted by the deceased’s family member or by someone else now acting on behalf of the family. It may be a funeral director or a close friend. There may be some places having regulations for an obituary notice.

How to submit an obituary placement?

There is a need to contact individual newspaper offices to know their guidelines for obituary placement. They will come up with specific requirements about the format and length. They will inform you of the submission deadlines on the print date. Generally, obituary submission deadlines are for two to three days before the date of publication. While some publications deny as they do not publish obituary notices.

You may also visit the website of the newspaper and acquire the information. If you do not find appropriate online information and facing issues in obituary submission, call the paper office and speak to them.

Payments Details in Obituary Publishing

Some publications charge for obituary placement in their newspaper, journal, or magazine, while some give free placement of obituaries. A publication may also charge extra if the obituaries run longer in the word count. If so, these papers charge for the space and the printing costs of their writers, staff, and editors.

Pay attention to the obituary copy or forms and submit the photos of the deceased. The editor may ask for a JPF and PDF if you submit online or hard copy submission if you do it in-person. Go through the website before arriving at a decision. Having details of these ensures timely obituary placement in the publication.

Where to Publish?

You can publish the obituary in local newspapers, community publications, church websites, national newspapers, industry publications, religious publications, or funeral home website. You can place it online in any local newspaper.


  • Printed obituaries reach more people to know the passing of your loved one.
  • The online obituary stores as a permanent database that the friends or family members can print later on a better quality paper and preserve it.
  • Online obituaries can be shared easily and are interactive
  • Online obituaries are cost-effective, visually appealing, and environmentally-friendly.

Expressing your sadness is an essential grieving process. In the obituary placement, you can upload photos and write a short story, as well.

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