Funeral Wake

Funeral Wake In Singapore

A funeral wake refers to a gathering held after or before the funeral service. It is the time when family and friends share memories and celebrate the deceased one’s life.

To hold a funeral wake, you need to plan to arrange food, venue, and things. It is a daunting process. Getting family and friends to help set the funeral wake or seeking the funeral service providing company to arrange for the funeral wake is the best. You can check our christian funeral package here:

A wake takes place before the body of the dead person, and is also known as viewing. However, the arrangement of the wake taking place after the funeral is known as funeral reception. Thus, it is for you to decide if you want to conduct the wake or not.

Organizing The Wake

Holding a funeral wake is comforting, though it is not easy to organize when you are undergoing emotionally stressful times. It is more difficult when you do not know where to initiate. However, there are many ways to hold a wake, yet a little planning is required:

Find a wake venue

Wake can be held anywhere. Get a few quotes and decide. The venue possibilities include the church hall, at home, a quiet place outdoors, village hall or community center, hotel, friends place, and pub or restaurant.

Some venues provide funeral catering as an inclusion with fees, and it is cost-effective than arranging it separately.

Inviting guests

A funeral wake is mainly a gathering for close family members. Hold a quiet wake or something larger after the funeral. If you know the wake place and the time, invite your guests in advance. Email, or call family and friends, send a death notice through a paper, or put it on social media.

Inviting guests is a good idea. You may ask them to help with setting up the decorations or bringing food and clean-up. Ask guests to bring photos of the deceased and add them to a memory book or board.

Organizing food

You can hire a caterer and choose light foods such as sandwiches or serve a favorite food of the person who is no more. You can ask the guests to bring a dish or hold the wake at a hotel restaurant or pub, to serve food and drinks. Ask for volunteers to support help.

Tips to be a decent funeral wake guest

Wakes are informal than funerals, but a few etiquette points are worth considering:

  • Show up. A nice gesture is to show up for the funeral wake if the family means to you. If you are invited to stay for some time, they will appreciate your presence. If you do not attend, send your condolences and regrets.
  • Simple attire. Wear muted, simple colors, though you need not stick to black. Smart clothing makes the right options, such as a dress, non-denim trousers, a smart top, or a shirt.
  • Say a ‘thank you’ to the family. Express your condolences, appreciate the event. Be humble and try to offer help while serving food and drinks.

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