Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers In Funerals

Choosing flowers may or may not be your concern for the funeral as you may be busy with decision making. Creating a tribute or an arrangement is incomplete without the funeral flowers. If you can recollect a flower that was their favorite flower, start it with the same flower.

Some give flowers as per the christian funeral etiquette. It is hard to come up with the right words to say to extended friends and family that the flowers work the best way of passing your condolences. It is a fitting tribute and a nice way of honoring.

Funeral services flowers

Large flower arrangements are common at funeral services.  Using bold blooms and white flowers is helpful. You can see it even in dim light or from a distance. Wreaths and large sprays are attached on the altar to display stands or alternatively to the altar stairs and plinth stands. The smaller arrangement is for the family and friends to keep at the entrance.

Family and friends attending the funeral can place the flowers near the deceased body at the funeral service. You can contact the florists and get funeral flowers newly arranged and ensure delivery if you are out of the station.

Types of flower arrangements

Floral arrangements are available in different styles, like wreaths, sprays, and sheaves. People pick bouquets for the funeral and casket dressing. It comes in a particular shape for the coffin top and is also in cross-shape in religious ceremonies.

The funeral flowers are a floral tribute. These tributes are to the deceased and are personal, depicting their hobby. You can also have their name spelling on it.  It can be placed on the hearse window or displayed in the procession. Alternatively, the funeral wreath in circular flowers and leaves arrangement makes a gift to the grieving family. The funeral is prominently displayed beside the coffin or on a stand.

 Popular funeral flowers

  • Lilies are the basic funeral flowers representing purity and innocence. Their distinct scents make it popular, but ensure it is out of the reach of pets and children.
  • Roses are also appropriate flowers for the funeral and are common. The red roses represent love, while yellow the friendship bond, pink for appreciation, and orange for passion. Giving roses with leaves, springs, and berries as a floral bouquet is a typical funeral tribute.
  • Chrysanthemums relate to death. In France, it is important on All Souls Day. The colors are pink, red, and gold. Chrysanthemum represents in Greek gold blossom, and the flower denotes joy and optimism.
  • Gladioli are 4 feet tall and a definite funeral flower. It is famed for its appearance sword-like and embodies strength and sincerity. It is available in yellow, pink, red, white, orange, purple, and green.
  • Daisies reveal love and loyalty, besides denoting childhood innocence. It is a perfect tribute for someone who took life lightly for themselves.

The funeral flowers delivery can be to the church, worship place, crematorium, or home. However, ensure there is someone to receive the delivery.

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