Funeral Buffet Catering

Choosing A Good Caterer During The Funeral Service

Are you looking for a funeral buffet catering? Is it your loved one’s wake or you are helping some relative or close friend’s family? There are tons of ideas to put a funeral buffet minus extra stress.

Keeping the funeral buffet simple is to plan for 1 serving that includes 4 sandwich triangles, 1 pc cake, potato salad 1/3 cup, 2 biscuits, or hot soup servings with a bowl of food, pies, or sandwich.

The main trick is to help the friends, family, or acquaintances. In case no one is handling the practical things, there is a need to make the stressful time less daunting. Everyone in life faces such a hard time that you do not mind taking help even from strangers and accept everything as guidance.

Why is funeral buffet catering necessary?

Losing a loved one is not a situation for anyone to stay prepared. Mostly, the budgets are tight. It is the funeral’s nature. It is not easy to say how many relatives or friends can appear for support or turn up only calling on the phone.

When people turn up for the funeral, there is a need to provide something as a fitting funeral buffet. The people who have come in support are important. They have come for you or to say their goodbye to the deceased for the last time. It is a must to plan carefully and to set a menu that fits the moment. Most people coming for a funeral start suddenly, and so offering a funeral buffet catering is helpful. It can include plain sandwiches with ham, cheese, and a bowl of salad with pickle/mustard, to add if one wishes. The most important point is to offer something to eat. There is no need for it to be imaginative or posh; it should be something to take a bite.

There is a need to check the wake time.  If the wake timing is not the mealtime, you can fix cake/biscuits and sandwiches.  On the other hand, if the wake timing is a mealtime, adding a bowl of salad, some crackers, and cheese with a bowl of pasta makes the right filling choice.

How to make the funeral buffet arrangements?

There is a need to provide some nourishment and comfort to the guests attending the funeral or the wake. Here are a few tips that may be of help while considering a funeral buffet catering.

  • Pick a venue and date. The concierge team can also help find a venue, or if you do not know a place, your church or your home is also the right place for this celebration.
  • Match the funeral catering menu to your family customs and traditions.
  • Choose casual nibbles with drinks or consider a formal celebratory meal.
  • Estimate the number of people you anticipate in attendance.
  • If you expect children also in attendance, ensure to have kid-centric foods so that the little ones feel well-cared.

You may include the favorite drink or food of the deceased in remembrance.

Choose a Catering Service That Suits All Religions

During a funeral service, regardless of it being free thinker, christian or catholic funeral, people from different race or religion may come to attend the wake especially in Singapore. Hence, it is good to choose a caterer that can provide to all regardless of their race & religion. You can look at the menu of the caterer and ask if they can cater to all religion. Make sure the food is appealing so that everyone can enjoy their meal.

Arrange Food That Is Appealing

During a funeral service, people tend to have low appetite as most people will be mourning over their love one. To ensure they have enough food for the day, make sure the food is delicious to eat and is appealing. The funeral catering service should have different variety of food and menu as you do not want the same food everyday.

Cater To All Meals

Ensure that the catering service can provide for all meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe even supper. It will be best that they can provide food an any point in time as the guest may come to the wake at different timings. Also make sure they serve food at the correct timing.


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