Free Thinker Funeral Services

Free Thinkеr Funеrаl Services In Singapore

A freethinker is the one who has scarce conform to religious beliefs. It is a reason free thinker funeral services differ with each family relying on their requirements and set-up. As the free thinkers do not adhere to any customs or religious rites, they may be inclined to arrange such that the funeral meaningfully reflects the deceased’s life. The funeral ceremony of each freethinker marks the lived once life as it is unique. There are funeral services to help people in carrying out the free thinker’s funerals.

Freethinker funerals are non-religious by nature. It accommodates religious rites that the deceased may wish to perform as filial piety. However, with many religious beliefs, passing away of such deceased without leaving instructions causes a lot of trouble and stress. The family and children do the funeral rites for the deceased as per their beliefs. However, when arranging a free thinker funeral service in Singapore, they get to do the religious rites according to their beliefs on different days. Thus, they fulfill their intentions for the deceased.


Funeral Package for a Free Thinker

Remembering their loved deceased in style and comfort is possible with a free thinker funeral package. It allows the funeral handling with simplicity and grace. Mostly, the package includes:

  • Half glass coffin/ No glass
  • 3/5/7 days
  • Professional embalming, make-up & Dressing
  • Casket & Embalming Service
  • Transporting from the hospital the deceased to home
  • Sending the deceased to a parlor
  • Booking cremation arrangement and slot
  • Memorial ceremony preparation
  • Table flowers
  • PA system
  • Floral arrangement
  • Photo enlargement
  • Mobile toilet
  • Tentage, lightings, fans, tables, and chairs
  • Collection box and condolence book
  • Memorial ceremony coordination & funeral procession service
  • Funeral Hearse
  • 1 unit Air-conditioned Bus (45-seater)
  • Ash collection Service

The free thinker funeral services ensure honoring the deceased, and it gives the client time to focus only on grieving. The highlights are these funeral services come as all-inclusive packages, competitive pricing, and at affordable prices. Click here to see our package.


Extensive Arrangement

The extensive funeral arrangement is available as high-quality services for religious and non-religious ceremonies. It is an all-inclusive package that deals from embalming to casketing that the client need not worry about, besides mourning for his loved one he/she lost.

The funeral services for free thinkers provide essential staff and items to offer the service. It includes flower arrangements, chairs, tables, photo frames, candles, and venue. There will be pallbearers and service crew. They offer a proper send-off with:

  • Tailored service
  • Funeral preparations
  • Post-funeral services
  • Funeral set up
  • Hassle-free service
  • Celebrate the deceased life as you want

Dressing, embalming, the casket, make-up services, cleaning, memorial table set up, cosmetology, secular design backdrop, advice and press notice placement, and enlarged photos come as a package. You can also coordinate service plans for an air-conditioned coach and glass funeral hearse. The freethinker funeral services in Singapore include ash collection services, as well. You can get their assistance even for the funeral reimbursement claims application.

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