Exhumation Services

Exhumation Services in Singapore

Exhumation services refer to the removal of human remains from the burial place. They are rare and are traumatic for the involved family to face the exhumation process. It takes a long time to arrange everything and is expensive. It is best to do it before exhumation. The exhumation remains of the buried and cremated require a license from Home Office.

Why exhumation services are essential?

There is a need for exhumation services for reasons such as:

  • Court orders asking to do a forensic examination.
  • Moving the deceased body from the original grave to a family plot that is in another or even the same cemetery.
  • Transferring the deceased from one cemetery to another as per scheduled development of the cemetery.
  • Repatriation overseas to bury with other family members.


Acquiring exhumation of human remains is an offense if you try obtaining it without legal permission. However, during your emotional stress times, you can avail the services with the help of funeral directors.

  • A license acquired legally from the Home Office is acceptable, yet it should adhere to certain strict conditions.
  • The process of exhumation is in the presence of an environmental health officer. He ascertains there is no public health threat.
  • The burial of the deceased on consecrated grounds is as per the permission of the church.

What takes place after Exhumation?

  • After exhumation services, you can place the ashes at a private columbarium. The grieving family members buy an urn and niche from the private columbarium office.
  • After exhumation, the government bears the niche cost, and the family members buy the urn and the marble slab sold at varying prices as per the material. The ashes are put in the Government Columbarium taking the government staff guideline by the family members.
  • Sea burial is another option after exhumation. There is a sea burial service available. The ashes for sea burial service require traveling through a rental boat for the sea service. However, you have to get a permit, and you will have a funeral director to assist the sea burial service. We at Promisedland Funerals do provide such services.

How Exhumation is done safely?

The exhumation process is safe means it is in the presence of an environmental health officer. He supervises to ascertain the deceased person’s respect is maintained, and there is proper protection of public health. The Health officer takes care of a few things, such as:

  • Accurate opening of the grave.
  • The screening of the plot ensures privacy.
  • The new casket receives proper sealing.
  • The casket nameplate corresponds to the license.
  • The exhumation is early in the morning, ensuring optimum privacy.
  • The new casket receives approval from the Environmental health officer.
  • Everyone present must show to the deceased person’s grave and the adjoining graves due respect.
  • Safety and health workers wear protective clothing in association with gloves, masks, and task lights.
  • The exhumation area receives disinfection.
  • The transmission of human remains to a new casket is proper.

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