Embalming Makeup Services

Embalming Make Up Services

Embalming is a way of preserving the dead body by avoiding the cells from a natural break down. As the cells start dying, the body begins to decay. Embalming prevents the process, and the body is kept without decaying. Embalming makeup services is a process followed before the funeral.

Choosing a home funeral means the deceased is to look natural as much as possible. Only basic makeup is enough for the dead body. A few considerations for a family or home directed funeral parlour are to ensure the deceased looks natural for the memorial service. They keep formal clothing, some cosmetics, and makeup.

Tips for applying makeup

Applying makeup to the deceased begins with:

  • Gathering supplies. A makeup kit is a must for the deceased. It should include

a foundation base with an airbrush, blot powder, blush, eye shadow, strong concealer, eyebrow pencil, makeup brushes, lipstick or lip liner, tweezers, fingernail clippers, and makeup brushes.

  • Basic care. The nails and hair are given basic care. Using tweezers unwanted hair is removed, and eyebrows receive a touchup. Opt for a natural look, unless the decedent always shaved his face and wore a beard. Keeping natural is for both women and men. You may check with the family and offer embalming makeup services.
  • Use concealer. It helps to mask blemishes. It is used on the hands, neck, or face.
  • Apply foundation. Choose a thick foundation and using airbrush work on the face. Start with the forehead, and sweep the nose and cheeks. Lighten the application at the neck and collar. Use carefully to avoid staining on the clothing.
  • Apply using a brush. Do not overdo the makeup. Give a light application using natural color.
  • Touch up lips. Use lipstick after applying the lip liner. For men, keep to a neutral color, and for women, apply their regular shade. Seal the color, with a napkin and cover their lips. Using a brush apply blot powder and it keeps the lip color for a longer time.
  • Touch up eyes. Fill the brows lightly using an eyebrow pencil. Shade onto the eyelids some natural color.
  • Apply blot powder. Apply the blot powder evenly across the neck, face, and hands. Touch up any visible area.

Tips for a home funeral on the deceased

  • Keep natural look. It is not necessary to give a unique look to the deceased. Give a natural everyday look makeup and show restraint.
  • Make adjustments. The skin tone of the deceased becomes different. If required, lighten, darken, or apply color to get the desired appearance.
  • Begin with hands. First test on the areas that are under clothing and then do the embalming makeup to the visible areas. Pluck nose hairs if visible, use an airbrush, and apply heavy foundation evenly.

Embalming makeup benefits

There are benefits of embalming makeup services:

  • Delays decomposition of the body.
  • More time for friends and family to arrive for the final visit.
  • Additional time to view
  • Extra time for reconstructive procedures ensuring the body is acceptable.

Provides more comfort to the family and friends to spend more time before final disposition with their loved one.

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