Death Certificate

Obtaining The Death Certificate of a Deceased Person

A legal document is a Death certificate. It bears the particulars of the deceased, the date, time, and the reason causing death.  It is a death certificate indicating the individual is free from social, legal, and official obligations.

How to get a death certificate?

death certificate is available on the official website of the Municipal Corporation of respective states. You can personally visit the office of the Municipal Corporation and get the certificate by applying physically. Applying for the death certificate within 21 working days is essential. Anyone applying for the deceased’s death certificate after 21 days needs to pay penalty as a nominal charge. You can apply for it when arranging the funeral.

In some states, a death certificate is available on request, to anyone, regardless, of the relationship of the requester, to the deceased. While in some states, the laws are strict that it is obtainable only by the deceased’s parent, spouse, child, or sibling. The proof of relation is in such instances is furnished while applying. If there are siblings, they need to give their birth certificate copy to show the decedent’s parental relationship.

Use of death certificate

  • A death certificate is useful providing legal representatives if necessary for property rights. There is a need for a letter stating how they are related and whom they represent on the record.
  • Death certificate is useful for property tax payment or property transfer. In case the deceased was the property owner, there is a need for ‘Will’. However, if there is no ‘Will’, there is a need for the legal heirs to claim the assets by producing a succession certificate.
  • A death certificate is useful to claim insurance, close bank accounts, sell a property, or for any other work relating to the deceased.

In case the deceased did not plan his succession, the legal heir or the survivor has to acquire the certificate from the court of law. In case the person planned his succession, there should be the ‘Will”. If so, the property is transferred as per the ‘Will’ provisions.

What are the things to remember?

Applying for a death certificate require utmost care. The name, age, and address should match the deceased’s legal documents. If the person has a joint account, the account must be closed, or the name of the deceased should be cut, by providing the death certificate.

Insurance claims of vehicles, life, and credit card may is obtainable with a death certificate. Insurance companies, banks, and tax departments may be visited or contacted for claims. You can seek assistance from a financial planner or a lawyer.

The nomination based accounts such as the saving bank accounts, fixed deposits, CPF accounts, post office schemes, and similar type of accounts need you to furnish the deceased’s nomination papers. The person through nomination becomes the account or property owner.

If someone suspects foul play during death investigations, there is a need for a death certificate. The government officials will ask for it to determine the actual cause.


Useful Information:

Death Registration Documents Required

  • Certificate of Cause of Death issued by doctors or Authorised Officers (i.e. Forensic Death Investigators) from the Ministry of Health
  • Deceased’s identification documents (e.g. IC & Passport) for cancellation
  • Informant’s identification documents (e.g. IC or Passport)


Free of charge.

Processing Time

  • 45 minutes at Neighbourhood Police Centres/Posts.
  • 30 minutes at Citizen Services Centre, ICA Building.


To register a death:

  • The informant must produce the Certificate of Cause of Death and other supporting documents (e.g. the deceased’s NRIC, passport or citizenship certificate)
  • After documents produced are verified, the Registration Officer will print the Death Certificate
  • The informant must verify the particulars on the Death Certificate and sign the Death Certificate
  • The Death Certificate is issued.

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