Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Memorization options for cremation include keeping in an urn or scattering the cremation remains. Scattering the remains is in a sea, a cemetery garden, or places bearing special meaning.  In comparison to burial, cremation services are less expensive to pre-pay and plan a cremation.


What is cremation?

Cremation is a process using intense heat to turn a dead person into ashes. The cremation takes place in a cremation chamber, and the intense heat is for two hours. After the cremation, a few bones are kept to cool and reduced to ashes. These are put in a container.


What is a cremation service?

Acquiring a cremation service does not limit your options. You can plan service, and our christian and free thinker funeral service may allow friends, family, and community to gather and share the memory, celebrating the person who is no more.

Cremation services providing company take care of everything when you are under severe stress.  The procedure is as follows:


Mourners at crematorium

The mourners assemble at the crematorium. They wait for the arrival of the hearse or sit in the chapel. If the coffin arrives at the venue early, they set on a catafalque, a platform that gives everyone to see the deceased.

The cremation service providers:

  • Get the mourners seated before the starting of the service.
  • A funeral service lasts for 30 to 45 minutes before the cremation takes place. Thus, they ensure the guests arrive on time.


The service

Cremation order of service includes several musical pieces, hymns, and eulogies. If you wish to have the service for a longer time, the cremation services providing company will arrange for extra time.


The committal starts

The coffin is set for the service at the end for mourners to view and pay final respects before cremation. It includes a coffin kept behind glass, curtains, or entirely from the building.


Mourners leaving service

It is time for guests to give the deceased family their condolences, the wreaths, and flowers, and ensure the mourners go to the wake.


The beginning of the wake

It is an arrangement that brings people to celebrate the loved one’s life. It includes music, food, and drinks, plus photo displays of the deceased encouraging sharing memories. It is more of a relaxed atmosphere.


Points to consider before hiring the cremation services

  • Shop around. The prices can vary, so get quotes from at least three cremation service providers.
  • Know the specifics. Ask if the quote includes cremation or if it includes the container and deceased body handling.
  • The options. Ensure the pricing is comprehensive. If it includes pricing as a bundled package including add-ons or is it a simple cremation.
  • Unbundled Price. Ask for unbundling pricing with the package pricing. You can eliminate a few elements and reduce the cost.
  • Outside container. You can buy a container from outside. So, inquire about this option to know if the cremation services require you to buy the containers directly from the crematorium or the funeral home.

If you care for the environment, you may go for green options and choose a biodegradable urn to lessen the environmental impact.

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