Christian Funeral Services

Christian Funeral Services In Singapore

Funeral ceremony in Christians is a large component associating religion. A Christian funeral service belief is that God judges when someone in Christian dies, sending sinners to hell and righteous to heaven. Thus, it is the end of life on earth with the end of a Christian.

Christian funeral in Singapore allows its family and friends to grieve the death of a person. Even when someone is seriously sick, prayers of reconciliation and preparation are said. The Lord’s Prayer is for the family and friends to participate.

Christian Funeral Rites

Christian funeral rites include Eulogy, Prayers, and Bible reading. A Christian funeral helps the deceased soul to enter heaven while mourners offer support and comfort.


What Is a Christian Funeral Service?

A Christian funeral service is at a crematorium or church for the person who died.  It includes prayers, reading, a sermon, hymns, and poems or music sometimes. A family member or friend delivers a tribute known as a eulogy to the deceased.


Before the Funeral Service:

Vigil – It is a funeral service where the family and friends gather together before the funeral service. They exchange hymns, read prayers, and memories. This ceremony occurs in the bereaved family’s home, funeral home, or the Christian church.


The Funeral Service Day

The entrance: It refers to the venue entrance where family and friends arrive as the coffin is taken to the burial site by the pall-bearers. A minister or priest sprinkles holy water on the coffin and reads from the bible a passage.

Prayers and Hymns- Throughout the service, there are numerous prayers and hymn reading. The deceased family picks the prayers and hymns as per the instructions of their dead loved ones. The popular hymns at the funeral are:

  • Psalm 23 as the funeral services reading (‘The Lord is my shepherd’).
  • A priest delivers the Prayer mass and Holy Communion. The Mass is for 30 minutes as the funeral service, though all Christian funerals do not include a mass.
  • A priest performs a rite of committal at the resting place before the burial.
  • Everyone says their goodbyes, and the burial is the final step.


Arrangements of Funeral Services

A Christian funeral service includes comfort words by the clergy, and sacred text readings, prayers, and hymns, sung by a hired vocalist or the attendees. During the funeral, the coffin cover has a flower arrangement, known as the casket spray.


After The Funeral

  • Mourners gather to express grief to the bereaved family, offering them condolences and read bible psalms. Often, food and drinks are provided, while the attendees may give gifts or flowers to the deceased family.

Typically, a Christian funeral lasts for an hour. The time varies depending on the funeral, including a mass or not.


What Is a Nice Gesture to a Christian Funeral?

Taking a card or flowers to the grieving family is a nice gesture. The funeral etiquette is to wear smart clothes in dark colors to a Christian funeral service. Wearing modest clothing covering shoulders and knees is perfect.


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