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Catholic Funeral Service In Singapore

Catholics believe there is life after death, and their actions determine the soul of a person going to heaven or hell. The purgatory belief of Roman Catholic funeral service is people repenting their acts in their lifetime are sinners, and they cannot go to heaven directly. However, all modern Catholics do not believe in purgatory. They encourage vigils and prayers for the dead, reflecting catholic funeral rites.


Roman Catholic funeral service elements

  • A vigil service includes cremated remains or the body in presence. The casket may be closed or open if the body is present.
  • A funeral service or mass includes the body or cremated remains. In the absence of the body, it is a Memorial Mass service.
  • A graveside service includes the body burial or cremated remains or placing the remains in a columbarium.

A Vigil prayer takes place during the death ceremony of a roman catholic at the church or the deceased’s home. A vigil prayer includes mourners praying for the dead person, besides tributes and eulogies delivery is as per the request of the grieving family.


What happens at a Roman Catholic funeral?

A Roman Catholic funeral service in Singapore includes a Requiem Mass featuring the Prayer and Holy Communion. A Requiem Mass is the choice of the Catholics and the church. The priest greets the coffin at the church door by sprinkling holy water on the coffin, leading it to church. The coffin is kept at the altar under a special cloth known as a pall.

The funeral liturgy includes a reading from a psalm and the Old Testament, read by friends, family, or the priest. The priest reads a passage from the gospel and offers a eulogy for the dead person.

If the funeral conducts Requiem Mass, bread and wine are a part of the Holy Communion. Mourners receive Holy Communion forming a procession, and a eulogy known as the ‘Final Commendation’ is done. The priest sprinkles holy water on the coffin, and the family and friends present say a final goodbye.


Music in a Catholic funeral

Music in a Catholic funeral includes sacred music or funeral hymns. A Roman Catholic funeral service mass may last for 40 minutes. It exceeds for an hour.


What happens at a Catholic burial?

The burial start presides is by a deacon or a priest. It is a committal service known as the Catholic Rite of Committal at a graveside. The priest blesses the site before the prayer.

Traditional catholic funerals include burial and embalming. The ashes of a catholic are stored in a cremation plot in a cemetery or a columbarium urn as per the church’s approval. Catholics do not follow any specific mourning period, but families may conduct a memorial service up to six months or on their death anniversary.


Dress-code and etiquette for a Catholic funeral

Catholic funeral service requires mourners to wear dark colors and to dress smartly as tradition. A few churches are open to colorful dress codes, yet, if you are doubtful avoid, sportswear, jeans, trainers, hoodies, and slogan t-shirts. You can read this article on what to wear to a funeral.

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